USA, North America
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About William

My name is William l.  I took my first spherical in 2007 but didn't really get fully into the hobby until a few years later.   I take photos of anything & everything in the USA & Canada, particularly of offbeat places only the locals would know about (or maybe not know about); my primary themes include:

Mountain summits

Lakes/bodies of water

Glacial geomorphology


Historical sites

Places of mystery/tragedy


Abandoned ruins/places in decay

Cemeteries/specific graves/veteran memorials

Night scenes

Floral & botany

Art scenes/one-of-a-kinds

Anything of sentimental value

Most of what I take is almost exactly as how I saw the scene, subtle appearances that are not always that eye-catchy w/ minor touch-ups or color enhancements.  One day I'll look to upscale but for now I'm just meandering around.